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MTA Clarification

There has been a lot of media scrutiny regarding the current Warrant of Fitness issue, and the revelation of failings within the New Zealand Transport Agency’s (NZTA) systems and processes that has led to vehicles being issued WoFs when they should not have been issued.

In some cases, the reporting has confused the role of the Motor Trade Association (MTA) and the NZTA.

We have issued a clarification between the organisations to media with a request that they contact us should they be in need of more information.

For your information, those distinctions were made as follows:

• MTA – NZ’s largest automotive services industry association that ensures its members maintain a high level of ethical behaviour as outlined in the Code of Ethics and the MTA Rules and Bylaws. In other words, MTA represents the interests of various sectors of the automotive industry body.

• NZTA – a government regulator tasked with promoting safe and functional of all transport (land, sea, and air), including the responsibility for driver and vehicle licensing and making sure WoFs are issued to vehicles that meet the required standards.

Please note that while the MTA has a Code of Ethics governing the behaviour of its members, and we do hold members to account against that Code, we do not have the power or authority to audit organisations that undertake WoF inspections, even though some of our members provide this service to motorists. Auditing the WoF inspectors, and ensuring WoF inspections are adequate and appropriate, is the role of the NZTA. However, the MTA wants to work closely with NZTA in future, using its members’ experience and expertise, to help ensure the issuing of WoFs and the auditing of WoF inspectors meets required standards.