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Janelle MTA Highway Hero

MTA's first Highway Hero

MTA is running a Facebook campaign to find New Zealand's Highway Heroes: people who use their car, van, truck or bus for good and deserve a reward.

Foxton Mum is MTA Highway Hero

Kiwis are known for their willingness to lend a hand. Foxton mum, Janelle Clement takes it a step further.

Her readiness to drop everything to drive local children to and from school, sports and other events has won her an MTA Highway Hero award. The award recognises people, nominated via Facebook, who go above and beyond to help people out on the road.

Her friend and neighbour, Misty Paki, nominated Janelle for an MTA Facebook Highway Hero prize ($500 in MTA vouchers) saying she would never take money for petrol or ask for anything in return for her help.

Janelle is the first to step up if any of the neighbourhood children need to be picked up or dropped off. If friends, neighbours, or family are held up by work commitments, car issues, or for any reason needs a hand with the kids, Janelle is quick to respond.

“A little while ago, one of the girls at school had heatstroke and her parents couldn’t pick her up. Someone phoned Janelle and she came back from a trip to Levin to pick her up,” said Misty.

Janelle says she puts herself and her minivan at the disposal of other families because she loves kids and wants to help.

“Kids need to get to school and to sports. I’m driving my kids anyway so I take as many as I can and then I do a second run with the next lot.” After the morning primary school trips, Janelle takes a friend’s three daughters to secondary school.

Friends who are working can rely on her to collect the children at the end of the day and pick up any strays she finds along the way.

For this, Janelle Clement is an MTA Highway Hero.

MTA (Motor Trade Association) represents 3600 Kiwi businesses that fix, fuel and sell the nation’s vehicles.

Nominate your Highway Hero now.