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Mechanics engine welding October 2012 9

MTA Welcomes Report on Dargaville Diesel

The Motor Trade Association welcomes recommendations for a tougher vehicle inspection auditing regime.

Queen’s Counsel Kirsty McDonald has found wide-ranging failures in the way NZTA handled Dargaville Diesel Specialist’s poor warrant of fitness inspection practices. Over several years, many safety concerns were raised but it took a fatal road accident to ring the alarm bell. MTA CE Craig Pomare says the report makes it clear that NZTA must take a more rigorous and robust approach to compliance.

“The public must be able to trust their mechanics and repairers – those who do not meet the safety and compliance standards should be held to account. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that over six million WoFs are issued each year and almost all of these are carried out by safety conscious, and conscientious people.”

He said MTA has been pushing for an improvement to the way workshops and vehicle inspectors are re-appointed to carry out warrant of fitness inspections, and is pleased that this may now be addressed. “This alone will help hold businesses and individuals to account. We also encourage and support ongoing professional and technical development within the sector, which is something that is also recommended in the report.”

MTA is providing advice and support to NZTA and the Ministry of Transport as the compliance regime and practices are reviewed and refined. “It is in everyone’s interests to have a robust and effective regime around vehicle safety.”

MTA encourages anyone whose warrants of fitness were issued by now-suspended workshops to use the free WoF voucher sent to them by NZTA and get their vehicles re-inspected.