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MTA Gift Card Terms and Conditions

Ordering information

1. Quantities

MTA Gift Vouchers are sold individually in $10.00, $20.00 and $50.00 denominations. They also come in books of 10 vouchers. If you order any one denomination in multiples of 10, your vouchers will arrive as books. For example, if you order 12 x $10.00 MTA Gift Vouchers ($120.00), you will receive one book of $10.00 Vouchers ($100.00) and two single $10.00 Vouchers ($20.00).

You can purchase up to $1,500.00 worth of MTA Gift Vouchers online. If you would like to order more than this amount, please email contact Danny Garrick by email or phone (04) 381 8844.

2. Delivery

Upon receipt of an order, Gift Vouchers are sent the next business day (subject to verification of your order) to the delivery address supplied.

MTA uses NZ Couriers to deliver all MTA Gift Vouchers. NZ Couriers deliver on business days (Monday to Friday excluding public holidays). MTA Gift Vouchers are sent by courier, signature required. Urban orders outside of Auckland made by 3.30pm, will be delivered in the next one to three business days. Due to high demand in Auckland, urban delivery orders made by 3.30pm should take two to three business days. Rural orders may take up to four days.

3. Lost or Non Delivery of MTA Gift Vouchers

All MTA Gift Vouchers are dispatched in NZ Couriers “Track and Trace” packages. If you have not received the vouchers and wish to locate them please email the MTA Gift Team or phone 0800 001 144. Make sure you have the order reference number on your confirmation email ready so that we can trace the package.

Once you have received your vouchers, if you lose them this is your responsibility. All MTA Gift Vouchers should be treated like cash and will not be replaced.

You are deemed to have received your vouchers if you do not notify us to the contrary within three business days of our email confirmation to you that your order has been processed. Please email the MTA Gift Team or phone 0800 001 144 if you have not received your vouchers.

4. No Refunds

MTA Gift Vouchers are issued to be used to buy goods and services at a later date. Neither the MTA nor any MTA member will issue a refund on a Voucher.

5. International Orders

We are happy to process orders from outside New Zealand, unfortunately we are unable to do this online. However, if you would like to place an order from outside New Zealand, please email the MTA Gift Team or phone 0064 4 43818821. Handling and administration fees will vary from those published.

6. Using your MTA Gift Vouchers

With MTA Gift Vouchers, you can buy almost any product or service offered by any one of almost 4,000 MTA members nationwide. From chocolates to seat covers or from milk to magazines, and of course petrol and vehicle servicing, there’s something for everyone to buy with their MTA Gift Vouchers. You can even buy a car with them!

Each MTA member has their own policy in place for giving change on products or services purchased with MTA Gift Vouchers. If you do not wish to spend the full value of the voucher, then prior to purchase, please check with one of the staff to clarify their policy on giving change. For example. if you have $200 in Gift Voucher and spend $175, you may receive $25 change as cash, voucher or a branded Gift Card.

Need more information?

  • If you require further information or assistance, please email or phone 0800 222 882.

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