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Over 30 would-be apprentices are now ready to start work in Auckland and Waikato through the new MTA-ATNZ group apprenticeship programme.


Many of these young people have finished, or almost completed, pre-trade training and are keen to start their careers. Others are finishing school and ready to get straight into an apprenticeship.

Twenty-year-old Shelby Foden is one of them, and yes, she was named after the Ford Shelby. She comes from a practical, car-crazy family.

“My dad is into drag racing and hot rods and I’ve just started racing. I love cars and fixing them. I can remember when I was about five, he started getting me to put in the small bolts on a car he was fixing up.”

These days, Shelby is working on her own car, a Holden VZ 2006, and she is gradually tweaking its performance. “I’ve done the brakes, exhaust and headers, replaced the spark plugs and am about to start on the cold air intake, but I’m a bit broke at the moment.”

Shelby has just finished her pre-trade Level 3 course at Manukau Institute of Technology and is now actively looking for an employer to take her on as an apprentice – either through ATNZ or through direct employment.

“I’ve learned a lot on the course and now I want to go to the next stage and start learning on the job. At the moment I’m waitressing at SKYCITY but my goal is to one day own my own workshop.”


MTA has partnered with specialists ATNZ (Apprentice Training New Zealand), which recruits, employs and manages automotive and collision repair apprentices on behalf of MTA members.

It’s a hassle-free apprenticeship for members. The workshop provides the necessary on-the-job supervision and pays ATNZ an hourly rate when the apprentice is on site.

As the employer, ATNZ covers holiday pay, sick pay, ACC and KiwiSaver. ATNZ provides the PPE and helps induct the trainee into the workshop’s health and safety procedures. ATNZ staff visit the apprentices once a month and again with the MITO training advisor. They keep a close eye on training progress and goals, and performance progress or training plans and general employment matters.

ATNZ is a charitable trust and has been managing engineering apprenticeships for 19 years. It also manages apprentices in plastics, print and packaging.


...before these young, keen, trainees are snapped up by other employers.

If you are an MTA member in Auckland or Waikato and want to take on an apprentice through ATNZ, please contact the MTA Member Support Centre on 0800 00 11 44