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Printing press

A press, the same as this one in the New Zealand Printing Museum, was used for the first 50 years in the life of MTA's Radiator magazine.

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Radiator magazine was printed by L T Watkins Ltd in Wellington until the early 1970s.

During the early years, the magazine was typeset, printed and bound in the central city and copies were mailed out to each member.

It was printed on a Wharfedale printing press like the one above which has been restored to working order by volunteers at the New Zealand Printing Museum in Upper Hutt.

President of The Printing Museum John Nixon, says the magazine would have been printed on a large broadsheet of paper, four pages to each side, and then assembled and stapled together by hand in the Watkins binding room.

“Back in those days, this was a sizeable magazine and there would have been a continuous process. A batch of pages would be written by the editor and delivered to the printer, who would then set the type, print a proof copy for checking, and then print those pages. They would be held to one side until all of the magazine was printed, then they would be bound together ready for delivery.” John says as many as 20 staff at the printers would be involved with the production of each issue of the magazine.

Today Radiator magazine is printed by the Blue Star Group in Wellington.