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Media Release Apprentice Support Hero

MEDIA RELEASE 17 June 2020

MTA praises apprenticeship boost scheme

The Motor Trade Association is praising the Government for the Apprenticeship Boost Programme announced this morning.

“We are absolutely delighted the Government has committed to provide direct support for employers who take on the bulk of the educational burden of vocational training,” MTA Chief Executive Craig Pomare said today.

“The workplace classroom is the critical ‘last mile’ of training for our sector and it’s great to see that recognised in today’s announcement.”

Mr Pomare said the news would be welcomed by all MTA members committed to taking on apprentices.

“Our members know apprentices are the future of our industry and the economy. We need a strong, assured supply line of well-trained young people coming into the sector.”

Mr Pomare said the MTA hoped there would be a timely review of the programme after implementation. “It makes sense for the scheme be reviewed after the first year and consideration given to whether it needs to be modified or extended,” he said.

“We’d welcome the opportunity to be part of that review process.”