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Timaru Apprentice (and pianist) Jeremy Kartolo loves learning new things - whether it's a new jazz piece or to pull the wheel bearings out of a landcruiser.

Got a Trade, Got it Made

MTA (Motor Trade Association) turned 100 this year and to celebrate it has awarded 32 scholarships to people taking up apprenticeships in the sector.

One of them is Timaru apprentice mechanic (and pianist) Jeremy Kartolo who loves learning new things – whether it’s a new jazz piece, or how to pull the wheel bearings out of a Landcruiser.

The 17 year-old is serving his apprenticeship with South Canterbury Toyota and he’s delighted his MITO study fees will be paid for by MTA. He reckons that his years of studying piano will make it easy to work through the course books.

Jeremy has passed all the examinations possible in piano but reckons being a mechanic may be just as inspirational.

“I can remember being a kid and watching the cars go past our house and trying to work out what make they were, then later, I wanted to know how they worked.” He says he was at a bit of a disadvantage compared with kids who grew up on farms or with parents who were into cars.

“My parents are from Indonesia and one’s a chef the other is an accountant.” When a friend told him about the pre trade light automotive course in Timaru’s polytechnic, a light switched on.

For Jeremy the challenge of learning something new every day is exciting and he’s looking forward to getting to grips with all the new technology, software and tools that are shaping the future of auto repairs. In his downtime, he’ll be found at his piano, playing jazz.

For more information contact Ruth Cook, General Manager Member Services, MTA 027 2973993

This week it’s Got A Trade? Got It Made! Week (21 to 27 August 2017) when young trainees and apprentices share their success stories.