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MTA CEO Craig Pomare supports Minister’s actions on water damaged vehicles

Queensland floods 2

MTA welcomes the Associate Minister of Transport’s recent announcement regarding the replacement of all electronic and pyrotechnic safety components on water damaged vehicles entering the New Zealand fleet.

Associate Minister Craig Foss announced that “From today, all electronic and pyrotechnic safety components, including airbags, sensors, pre-tensioner seatbelts and wiring, must be fully replaced on imported and domestic water damaged vehicles. Previously, only those items below the water line were required to be replaced.”

MTA has previously called for a full review of the sale, repair, and re-registration of all damaged vehicles in New Zealand, regardless of origin. Problems relating to damaged imports are not just an issue at the time of delivery. Some of the damage is hidden and may take time to manifest (such as corrosion in wiring and electronic components).

MTA CEO Craig Pomare said, “MTA raised this issue with government in 2015 and 2016, so we are happy to see movement.”

“MTA is pleased to see such a quick response from the Associate Minister to ensure consumers are protected from potentially unsafe vehicles.” said Mr Pomare.

MTA is also keen to see progress on a review of the CIN (Consumer Information Notice) card information as has been suggested by Minister of Commerce Paul Goldsmith. While a reputable trader may be open with a customer at the first sale, there is little guarantee that this transparency will continue with any subsequent sale. There is no clear tracking on the motor vehicle register of this damage and so information for consumers is limited.