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Anyone with the right skills for the job can be an automotive apprentice. There's no limit and all that’s needed is an employer willing to develop your enthusiasm and motivation.

Do you have:

  • the ability to understand and apply technical information
  • an interest in the motor industry
  • a commitment to an automotive career
  • a positive attitude towards work and learning
  • good communication skills, with work mates and customers?

How long will it take?

Most apprenticeships take around three to four years.

How much will it cost?

With an apprenticeship, you earn while you learn – no student loans or huge debts. Either you or your employer pays an annual training fee.

You may also qualify for two year’s of free fees when completing your apprenticeship training through MITO, if you haven’t already completed a tertiary qualification. Visit to check your eligibility.

How to get started

It's a good idea to complete a pre-apprenticeship course first such as the 'National Certificate for Entry to Automotive Trades' or 'National Certificate for Entry to Motor Body Trades'.

You'll need to find an employer before you can become an apprentice. Some of New Zealand’s leading employers in the automotive industry are looking for apprentices now.

MTA has partnered with ATNZ in the Auckland and Waikato regions. ATNZ gets people into careers they love by matching them with a host business that is looking to train an apprentice.

You can also view current vacancies or register as a jobseeker on MITO New Zealand's Jobhub. Creating a jobseeker profile is free and you can use this to promote yourself to MITO employers, who can then get in touch with potential job opportunities.

Where will a career in the automotive industry lead?

Once completed, a nationally recognised qualification will establish a career in the automotive industry that can lead you in all sorts of directions. There are opportunities in sales, marketing, parts and accessories, administration, management, and eventually even ownership.

Travel the world, work for the world’s major manufacturers, work on development projects or join the race circuit.

The possibilities are endless - the opportunities are great!

Who should you contact?


To find out more about getting started in the automotive industry, or to find an apprenticeship, visit the MITO New Zealand website or phone MITO on 0800 882121.


If you are in Auckland or the Waikato, you can use the contact us form on the ATNZ website to register your interest in becoming an ATNZ apprentice.