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MTA Mediation Services

mediation services

MTA's Mediation Service addresses customer disputes with MTA members.

The process aims to help both sides come to a resolution in a friendly, efficient and unbiased way.

You can call the mediation team on 0508 682 633 or fill in our web-based mediation form and someone will be in touch with advice.

Resolving the issue

First, try to resolve the problem yourself directly with the MTA member involved – the Consumer Guarantees Act states that the seller, or service provider, must be given the opportunity to rectify any problems. However, if you’ve tried unsuccessfully to get it sorted, contact MTA Mediation Service and we will investigate and assist with a resolution.

Here's how the MTA Mediation Service works

  1. Before you seek our assistance, you must always approach the MTA member about the problem or issue you have, and give them the opportunity to rectify the problem. The Law requires you do this first.
  2. If you have not been able to resolve matters with the member, contact the MTA Mediation Centre, either by phone (0508 682 633), or via our web-based mediation form.
  3. Once we have a clear understanding of your situation, and if you have given us your approval to contact the MTA member, we will give them a call to discuss matters with them.
  4. Our Mediation Centre will encourage the member to resolve matters. This includes compliance with any relevant MTA operating standards and other legal obligations. Our staff will keep you informed of progress and seek your consideration of any offers or actions proposed by the member.
  5. Please recognise the Mediation Centre is unable to demand action on either party’s behalf. They can only advise the member, encourage them to recognise any failings or errors they have made, and encourage them to seek resolution.
  6. If resolution can’t be reached, you will still have rights to pursue legal redress.