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MTA magazine reaches 100

Radiator magazine has been published and printed by MTA for 100 years, something the organisation's Chief Executive Craig Pomare is extremely proud of.

MTA Chief Executive Craig Pomare in a car yard
This centenary issue of Radiator is all about longevity.

It may be a bit self-congratulatory, but there’s something very satisfactory about being part of an organisation that has managed to continuously publish what we believe to be is the oldest trade magazine in the country. As far as we can discover, Radiator is also one of the oldest print magazines in New Zealand – the School Journal holds the actual title by a couple of years, but we are very proud of our tradition and longevity.

While May 1920 was the first issue, we are marking the anniversary in June 2020, thanks to a little disruption caused by Covid-19.

MTA has used the magazine to keep its members up to date with the news, views and information relevant to them and their businesses for a century and we continue to do that. It is also part of our, and New Zealand's, historical record. We have moved with the times however, and a digital version of Radiator is now available on line here

We celebrate this solidity and success within our industry at one of the most difficult periods in our history. While hard times, wars and pandemics have all been endured by our parents and grandparents – this sudden and dramatic yank on the reins of the world’s economy caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is a first. While many members went through the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) 10 years ago, the Covid crisis has had a much more sudden effect on businesses. News and information on the current situation is also covered in the centenary issue.