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Moving high-end cars around Auckland discreetly and safely is the specialty service provided by Exotic Towing.

Owner-operator Sar Khoshaba says people who drive a valuable high-performance car or luxury car don’t want the world to know if they’ve been crumpled in a spat with the motorway. And if they’ve just been repaired, groomed and detailed, no one wants their prized car to get dirty while it’s off getting sensors recalibrated at the dealership. Nor does the repairer want to add kilometres to the clock or run the risk of another accident.

Together, Exotic Towing and Evans European Panel and Paint (which also specialises in high-end vehicles) have the situation covered.

Sar explains the history. “The business was started up by Owen Evans as part of Evans European in 2017 and I was employed as the driver. A year later, I decided to take Owen up on his offer and purchase Exotic Towing, in the hope of growing the business.”

Owen Evans has retired, and his company is now in the hands of Mark and Kathryn Stevenson and Owen’s previous partner, Garth Chitty.

While Sar continues to be the sole provider of transport and tow services to Evans European, he also commissioned the build of a unique enclosed truck. This vehicle is on call 24/7 for roadside assistance and the transport of luxury and exotic cars in and around Auckland.

Size matters

“It was a big project, a huge investment, and I had to do lots of research to make sure the design specs would give enough space to enclose vehicles with side mirrors that couldn’t be retracted, or open gull wing doors that couldn’t be lowered.” He says it took a lot of convincing for some dealerships to give him the exact measurements he needed,

As a result, he’s widened the deck of the Fuso truck and built the sides with a taller-than-usual roof. “We also designed the slide-a-side walls to fit on the outside of the deck to be sure they wouldn’t come in contact with any part of the very expensive cars we carry.” Similarly, the straps to tie down the vehicles inside the box body are soft and flexible so no part of the car can be scratched or damaged.

The enclosed space doesn’t just give the vehicle owners some discretion around what’s happened to their vehicles, it also means convertibles or cars with exposed wiring can be safely moved around the city during wet weather.

Mitsubishi Fuso transporter specs

  • Factory-attached slide deck with a zero-degree angle with no ramps needed to load and unload, which eliminates the risk of possible damage to the vehicle.

  • Custom stainless steel finished with toolbox.

  • Custom box body build with slide-a-side curtains.

  • LED side marker lights installed.

  • Custom Exotic Towing embroidered Monza leather seats.

  • 35 percent black window tint for privacy.