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Hefty fine for banned car dealer welcomed

MTA fully supports the $50,000 fine handed out to an unregistered motor vehicle trader saying it’s in the public interest to drive these people out of the sector.

“Unregistered dealers are taking the public for a ride. People think they are buying a car off someone who will stand by the deal and act with integrity if something goes wrong,” said MTA Chief Executive Craig Pomare.

Aucklander Brett Collins has been found guilty six times for trading vehicles while banned or trading illegally. As it was his sixth offence, he was fined the maximum of $50,000.

“We encourage anyone buying a car to buy from an MTA member because they can be assured they are receiving a professional and ethical service. They are also covered by the MTA dealer warranty. By using a registered trader, customers can be certain the deal is subject to consumer protection laws and any disputes can be taken to the Motor Vehicle Disputes Tribunal.”

He advised anyone buying a car online to check the dealer is registered on the Motor Vehicle Traders Register.

“And if you are buying a vehicle from a private owner, then always take it to an MTA member for a thorough check before parting with any money.”