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Christchurch dealership swoops in with Roush

Christchurch dealership Team Hutchinson Ford is now taking orders from customers around the country wanting to add even more muscle to the latest Mustangs. The company is adding 50 percent to the car's performance by upgrading them with Roush parts after being appointed as NZ's first Licensed Roush Installer.


For some, the more power the better. Team Hutchinson Ford in Christchurch now has the tools (and parts) to supercharge your new Mustang, with a Roush RS3 kit.

Team Hutchinson Ford in Christchurch has been appointed as the Licensed Roush Installer for New Zealand. This makes them just one of three licensed installers in the world (outside of the Roush factory in Michigan, USA).

Dealer Principal John Hutchinson has pursued this Roush alignment since Ford began building right hand drive Mustangs in 2016.

Roush Performance is a division of the half billion dollar engineering corporation Roush, which creates, develops, and manufactures a range of automotive parts and products. Roush Performance has a close alliance with Ford. Roush’s aftermarket performance enhancements and Roush branding is highly sought after.

Roush Director of International Programs, Robert Brown, said as licensed installers, Team Hutchinson Ford “can supply a right hand drive Roush Stage 1, Stage 2 or Stage 3 Mustang that is identical to what comes off our assembly line in Michigan with its unique Roush build number and its entry on the Roush registry. While all the focus will be on Mustang for the short term we expect to introduce enhancement packs for other Ford models over time’ Brown said.

John Hutchinson says Team Hutchinson Ford’s focus is initially on transforming 2019 Mustang GTs into Roush RS3s. Their first demonstration model has been clad in Canterbury colours and has already clocked up 5,000 km in his visits to Ford dealerships since its build was completed in January.

“It really stands out. I’ve had people pulling up in at service stations and coming over to talk to me about the car, people on the ferry wanting to know what it was. Of course, people who know Roush know exactly what they’re seeing.” But, the probably can’t believe their eyes, as his Mustang is thought to be the only 2019 right hand drive RS3 in the country.

The dealership has imported several RS3 kits ready to take orders and is hoping to do a couple of conversions a month. The aftermarket upgrade includes an adjustable suspension system and a 710Hp (529kW)/827 Nm 5.0 Roush TVS2650 supercharged engine package (which bumps up performance by around 50 percent). But more dramatically is what you can see as the RS3 gallops past. The Mustang grill is replaced with the broad Roush high flow upper grill with the sought after RS3 badge, there’s a new a high flow lower grill opening, hood heat extractors, front chin spoiler with wheel shrouds and ebony black cast 20 inch wheels. Roush spoiler and rear aero foils are also on show.

“It takes about 50 hours to install the RS3 kit, and we expect cars to come in to our workshop from around the country,” says John.

In 2017, 577 new Mustangs were sold in New Zealand, and 461 last year. The bumper year was 2016 when the first of the right hand drives came into the market, with dealerships selling 987 Mustangs. With numbers like this, John Hutchinson is confident the RS upgrade will be a success.

“We are getting our first orders from dealers wanting to have one for the showroom, or as a demo and we’re well underway with our marketing.” Team Hutchinson Ford is no stranger to Roush. The company has been a Roush Performance Dealer since 2016, offering a ‘pick and mix’ offering to enthusiasts wanting to personalise their Mustangs.

“But being a licensed installer takes us to a whole new level. Each RS3 will carry its individual serial number, registered with Roush.”

The two technicians , Josh Barnard and Adam Seamons, who’ve been supported by Roush to carry out the installations will also fit out RS2 models but the focus will be on the RS3. The Christchurch demo model will be out and about for the rest of the year, visiting more dealerships, car shows, and public events.

“This RS3 has a very busy social calendar,” says John Hutchinson.

A souped up Roush RS3 Mustang will sell at around $139,000 – up from the 2019 Mustang GT price of around $84,000.